Centrum Babylon, author: Centrum Babylon

Jizera Mountains

Nitranska 1
Liberec, 460 12

Phone: +420 485 249 202
E-mail: concierge@hotelbabylon.cz
Web: www.centrumbabylon.cz


Discount cards accepted: BENEFIT Program
Discount 1.- 15% for all-day packet - Aquapark + Lunapark + iQpark + Salt-iodine cave. (Salt-iodine cave only after previous order.) Valid besides VII. - VIII. and 31.12., it is possible to apply the discount only once in 7 days. Discount 2. - 10% discount for unlimited entrance in Wellness centre. Valid daily except Christmas and New Year\'s Eve.
The Babylon Centre is the largest in-door amusement, community and hotel complex in the Czech Republic. This unique project was built on the premises of an abandoned textile factory with an area of 25,000 m2 in 1997.

Centrum Babylon is a unique entertainment, hotel and convention complex offering a wide range of services for both individuals and the whole families. In a unique complex, which became the most visited tourist destination in the Liberec Region in 2014, is a large water park with four water slides, a whirlpool, a romantic caves and wild river, Luna, iQPARK, Labyrinth, Laser game and many other entertainment attractions. WELLNESS HOTEL BABYLON offers comfortable accommodations with wellness center and a wide range of relaxation therapies soothing massage, saunas and massages.

Location: next to the highway, about one kilometer from the center of Liberec.

AQUAPARK - the largest indoor themed water paradise in the Czech Republic in the style of steampunk year round.
LUNAPARK - roofed premises with dozens of entertainment attractions for children and adults all year round in the style of the Old Czech fair.
BOWLING - game room and bar in the style of American fifties with professional equipment Brunswick.
iQPARK - the first science center in the country. Interactive exhibits, puzzles, optical illusions, logic games and physical laws in practice for both large and small.
VIRTUAL REALITY - sit down and let yourself be transferred to another reality, where hardly recognize reality from fiction.
LASER GAME - an adrenalin game with an electronic gun and a vest from LaserMaxx, which takes place in the dark arena full of obstacles and hiding places.
WELLNESS CENTRE - extensive precinct in the style of ancient baths, where you can enjoy your fill of various procedures, relax and be pampered all day. Available at twenty different treatments.
INDOOR GOLF ADVENTURE - completely newly adapted playground where you in the mysterious dungeons way complicate the various obstacles, such as light emitting volcano, head Bybyloňana or a giant tortoise. The 18-hole course for Indoor Adventure Golf is appropriate to spend leisure time for families with children or school and corporate competition. Adventure Golf is included in the price of admission to a theme park.


Opening hours

all months all the days of the week -

Services and facilities: Parking, Parking for buses, Cloakroom, Refreshments, Restaurant, WC, Souvenir shop, Disabled access, Kids corner
Park Specification: Concert Hall, Exhibition Room, Seminar Room, Room for Miscellaneous Events

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Hadí chrám, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Hadí chrám

Aquapark fontánová hala, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Aquapark fontánová hala

Aquapark tobogánová hala, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Aquapark tobogánová hala

Laser show, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Laser show

Bowling, author: archiv Centrum Babylon


Laser Game, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Laser Game

Laser Game, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Laser Game

Lunapark, author: archiv Centrum Babylon


Wellness centrum, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Wellness centrum

Wellness centrum, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Wellness centrum

Solno-jodová jeskyně, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Solno-jodová jeskyně

Solno-jodová jeskyně, author: archiv Centrum Babylon

Solno-jodová jeskyně

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