Lookout points in the Besedické skály Rocks

Výhled ze Sokola, author: Milan Drahoňovský

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The Besedické skály Rocks are located on the left bank of the Jizera River above Malá Skála. The walls of the rock maze hide the Kalich praying room, among other things. The ladder is cut into sandstone, with an inscription bearing the year 1634. At that time, secret services of the Czech Brethren were held during the anti-reformation period.

The Chléviště rock maze is located on a hill above the Jizera River. The name (in Czech, cow barn) is derived from the fact that local people used to hide cattle here during troubled war times. There are several lookout points in the western part, such as Zátiší, Kde domov můj, Hořákova and Kinského. All of these offer beautiful views of the Jizera River valley.

The highest peak of the Besedické skály Rocks is Sokol with a view of the Suché skály Rocks. There are two solitary sandstone rocks near the top, one of them bearing a relief depicting M. Tyrš.


The Vysoká skála lookout point above Besedice offers a partial view of the Klokočské skály Rocks and the Trosky Castle ruins.



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Výhled ze Sokola, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Výhled ze Sokola

Vyhlídka Sokol, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Vyhlídka Sokol

Vyhlídky v Besedických skalách, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Vyhlídky v Besedických skalách

Besedické skály

Besedické skály

Besedické skály

Besedické skály

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