The Villa of Johann Liebieg, Jr

Vila Johanna Liebiega ml., author: SML, Tomáš Mauder

Jizera Mountains

U Tiskarny 81/1
Liberec, 460 01

Phone: +420 485 243 111

It was the seat of the Regional Art Gallery in Liberec between the years 1953 and 2013. The building is currently undergoing reconstruction.

The family villa resulted from a reconstruction of the neo-classical building of Ferdinand Römheld in the proximity of the Liberec Castle which was carried out between 1871 and 1872. Gustav Sachers was the author of the project and most likely of the realisation as well. The villa with the garden and extensions- the carriage house, gatehouse, stair ramp with a pergola and a fountain, garden gazebo, greenhouse and the ice house was obviously inspired by Northern Italian Renaissance. It is one of the most spectacular and most stylistically clean objects from the period of historicism in the city. Its size, architectural design, decorations and layout gave the building its sumptuous name: The Liebieg Palace.


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Vila Johanna Liebiega mladšího, author: Jirouš

Vila Johanna Liebiega mladšího

Vila Johanna Liebiega ml., author: statutární město Liberec

Vila Johanna Liebiega ml.

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