Ski Resort Lucifer

Ski areál Lucifer, author: Ing. Jaroslav Morávek

Jizera Mountains

Josefuv Dul, 468 44

GSM: +420 602 879 598

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Josefův důl is situated on the eastern side of the Jizerské Hory, near Liberec, Jablonec and Tanvald. The Lucifer Ski Resort is an ideal place for the whole family - from children to experienced skiers.

Velký Lucifer ski lift: - Tatrapoma, lenght 500 m. The height difference of the piste called Velký Lucifer is 120 metres; it is classified red, and it is ideal for families with older children or groups comprising skiers with different skiing skills.

Malý Lucifer ski lift: The Malý Lucifer lift ski lifts is installed at the lower, moderate part of the slope, to the right of Velký Lucifer. It is ideal for beginners or children.

Peklo ski lift: You can move between the Lucifer and Peklo ski lifts on skis, along a rolled forest pathway that is nearly horizontal. As for the difficulty level, the Peklo is marked red but it is easier than the Velký Lucifer.

Parking in the Lucifer Ski resort is free of charge.

There are 2 sport equipment rentals and a ski school.

Opening hours

December - March all the days of the week 9:00 - 16:00

Ski centres

Number of chair lifts / cable cars: 3/0

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Ski areál Lucifer, author: Ing. Jaroslav Morávek

Ski areál Lucifer

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