Cosmos Exploration (Dobývání kosmu)

Dobývání kosmu, author: SML

Jizera Mountains

Aloisina vysina
Liberec, 460 05

Local industry’s mastery of stainless steel production in the 1980s broadened the range of materials for contemporary sculpture art. Many artists quickly began using it. One of them was a medallist, designer and painter, Jiří Dostál, who, with his brother, created a couple of such sculptures.

Honour to Cosmos, situated next to Jan Vančura’s children’s jungle gym in the shape of an automobile, is the only piece of art in the public space of Kunratická housing estate, which was built in the first half of 1980s according to blueprints drawn up by Liberec architects, Jarmila Beranová and Vlastislav Kauta, in 1977. 

The Luna shopping centre, where the sculpture was installed, received its final building approval in 1988.  “It is made from the highest quality food processing steel. To roll such a diameter was a big problem. It is done well. My brother and another co-worker, Jaroslav Husák, understood the technology perfectly. They did not force me to accept any limits. On contrary, they forced me to do something extreme. The committee accepted it immediately. We wanted to express vast space, symbolise the universe and, into this intermission, we wanted to install technical segments such parts of a spaceship. That is why we tilted it a little to give it some dynamic,” Jiří Dostál explains.

Born in Nová Paka, he was a long-time director of the school of art in Jablonec; he studied at the Secondary School of Glassmaking (Střední průmyslová škola sklářská) in Železný Brod, and then at Academy of Arts in Prague (VŠUP) under Stanislav Libeňský (1964-1970). His paintings mainly focus on landscapes. He has cooperated with the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou where he has created dozens of designs for commemorative coins and medals. He designed many industrial products such as Tango switches and sockets for Elektro-Praga Jablonec in 1991. 

To name some of his other works, we can mention the stainless steel Atomic molecules in Hradec Králové from 1976 and sculptures in Jablonec nad Nisou.

Sculptor: Jiří Dostál – Josef Dostál
Dates of birth: Jiří 1 October 1945, Josef 27 August 1944
Year: 1988
Material: stainless steel, concrete
Size: Ø rings 500 cm, width 72 cm
Location: In front of the “LUNA” shopping centre in Aloisina výšina Street

Other Historical Monuments: Sculpture Objects

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