Abstract Statue II (Abstraktní plastika)

Abstraktní plastika, author: SML

Jizera Mountains

Liberec, 460 01

A couple of buildings then housing Computer Technology Company and the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography were built according to Miroslav Vlnas’ 1966 design, who worked out of the Military Project Institute in Prague. The objects were completed in 1973 (note the reliefs at the entrance), when an abstract sculpture made of copper sheeting by Jan Solovjev was set on the plaza in front of today\'s Cadastral Office (the artist and his work also sculpture Family).

The statue belongs to a group radically abstract metal compositions that Solovjev created in the late 1960s and 70s. This group also contained The Abstract sculpture that he entered to the Statue and the City exhibition in 1969, which is located in front of the Lípa cinema, The Wings, still stands in Lužická Street in Jablonec nad Nisou. Alternatively, The Family at Králův Háj continued to carry the spirit of abstracted figuration. 

Solovjev remembered his collaborator, Josef Kuken, who had helped with the copper sculptures: "To weld iron, this is no big deal, but to weld copper, that's another story. It is yet another level of welding. You have to join a droplet of molten copper to another using a precisely set flame, then you have to spread it to the sides to create an area, not a squat cinder or copper blob.  We met at one of my statues when he was walking from the hospital where he had been convalescing with a broken leg, and when he heard that I was looking for a good copper welder, and told me he would try it. And we made our living from this cooperation for over ten years.”.

Sculptor: Jan Solovjev
Date of birth and passing: 6 March 1922 – 6 February 2014
Year: 1973
Material: tempered copper plate
Size: 160 × 240 cm
Location: In front of the Cadastral office in Rumjancevova Street

Other Historical Monuments: Sculpture Objects

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Abstraktní plastika, author: SML

Abstraktní plastika

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