Spartakiade - College Students Exercise (cvičení vysokoškoláků)

Spartakiáda - cvičení vysokoškoláků, author: SML

Jizera Mountains

Na cvicisti
Liberec, 460 14

The very well hidden metal figural sculpture portraying a boy and a girl doing exercises is an early work of Liberec graphic artist and woodcarver Václav Plechatý. It captures a boy and girl in a naively abstracted figuration, which is not without its charm.

The autodidact, Plechatý, from Tanvald, trained as a locksmith designer. His solo exhibitions began in 1971. Today he is known mainly for his naive woodcuts (e.g. decoration of the mechanical clock in Kryštofovo Valley from 2008) and graphic works (especially linocut and drypoint). 

If you choose the route recommended on the map, notice the high concrete footstall in the countryside at the crossroad of Bezová and Vrchlického Street. It is a torso of a ruined sculpture, Battle, from 1968; it was exhibited at the Statue and the City exhibition a year later. It was made by Josef Špaček (1923-2001) and it is located on the former market hall in the Kostelní Street.

Sculptor: Václav Plechatý
Date of birth: 26 February 1948
Year: 1975
Material: metal
Size: 70 × 55 × 300 cm
Location: In a green area at the crossroad of Na Pískovně and Na Cvičišti Street

Other Historical Monuments: Sculpture Objects

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Spartakiáda - cvičení vysokoškoláků, author: SML

Spartakiáda - cvičení vysokoškoláků

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