Monument to Franz Clam-Gallas

, author: statutární město Liberec

Jizera Mountains

Park Clam-Gallasu

The bust of Count Franz Clam-Gallas has dominated since 2018 in the park, which bears the name of this famous noble family. It is a casting of the work of the prominent sculptor Heinrich Karel Scholz.
The monument is not only a dignified memory of the last male descendant of the Count's House and an honorary citizen of Liberec (1914), but also an appreciation of the artistic work of the Viennese sculptor Scholz, whose talent was discovered and supported by Franz Clam-Gallas. At that time he was a widely recognized authority and admired patron. He supported dozens of associations and institutions that worked mainly in the social field.

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, author: statutární město Liberec

Pomník Franze Clam-Gallase

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