Memorial to the event of 1989

Památník událostí 1989, author: statutární město Liberec

Jizera Mountains

nam. Dr. E. Benese 1
Liberec, 460 59

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, on 17 November 2019, a new memorial was ceremonially unveiled on the steps of Liberec Town Hall in honour of the events of 1989.

“Life is a joyful participation in the miracle of being” - Václav Havel

“I consider this memorial, with thanks to all those citizens who were active in November 1989, to be unique in its own way. It stands on the site where all the significant social and political events and changes have taken place and continue to take place in Liberec, both under totalitarianism and in these times of democracy. This is where the people of Liberec have shed tears and blood, this is where they have experienced euphoria and joy. There is no more important place in Liberec in this regard,” said Deputy Mayor Ivan Langr.

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Památník událostí 1989, author: statutární město Liberec

Památník událostí 1989

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