Hike to Bramberk

Bramberk, author: M. Bajer

Jizera Mountains

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This climb up to Bramberk is one of the steeper yet less busy routes around Jablonec.

Route: Follow the yellow markers from Jablonecké Paseky (Bus, public transport, railway) - Jindřichov – saddle below Krásný – Bramberk, then follow the green markers below Bramberk – Velké Kameny – Lučany – Jablonecké Paseky

This stone, 22-metre-high lookout tower from 1912 is the work of the famed architect Robert Hemmrich, who has more than 500 buildings to his name in and around Jablonec, including another three granite lookout towers on Tanvaldský Špičák, Černá Studnice and the Prosečský hřeben ridge. 

Along this route you’ll see subalpine meadows, the picturesque cottages of the Jizera Mountains, secret nooks in the forest with granite rocks and, as a reward for the ascent, some great views of Jablonec, the Jizera Mountains and the Krkonoše. The nearby Chata Bramberk chalet offers a pleasant place to sit and a children’s play area; dogs are welcome.

cca 3 h, 8 km, mapa zde

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