Home Credit Arena and Sport Park Liberec

Home credit aréna, author: Sportpark Liberec

Jizera Mountains

Jeronymova 570/22
Liberec, 460 07

Phone: +420 800 800 007, +420 488 048 121
E-mail: info@homecreditarena.cz
Web: www.sportparkliberec.cz, www.homecreditarena.cz

Facilities: WC, showers
Other facilities: refreshments, parking
Courts: indoor, outdoor

Services and facilities: Parking, Disabled access, Cloakroom, WC, Showers, Refreshments, Equipment hire, Instructor, Group exercises
Sport Cenre Specification: Stadium, Sports Ground, Sports Hall, Ice Rink

An entertainment and sports venue.
The modern Home Credit Arena has the capacity of up to 10 000 spectators, serves as a sporting facility, and at the same time has also become a venue for major cultural and social events.

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Home credit aréna, author: Sport Park Liberec - nahrála Veronika Hořejší

Home credit aréna

Home credit aréna, author: Sport park Liberec

Home credit aréna

Night of jumps, author: Sport park Liberec

Night of jumps

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Sport park Liberec, author: Vladimír Jína

Sport park Liberec

Dětské hřiště, author: Vladimír Jína

Dětské hřiště

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Night of the jumps, author: Sport park Liberec

Night of the jumps

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Davis Cup, author: Sport park Liberec

Davis Cup

Aréna, author: Sport park Liberec


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