Košťálov swimming centre


Bohemian Paradise

Kostalov 332, 512 02

GSM: +420 731 157 369
E-mail: kemp@kostalov.cz
Web: https://koupaliste.kostalov.cz/

Type of facility: Outdoor swimming-pool
Activities: Paddling pool, Ski bridge
Other facilities: Showers, WC, Refreshments, Children’s corner, Dissabled access
Sports facilities: Pitches, Skittles, Table tennis

The Košťálov swimming centre is situated at the edge of the village, below the ruins of the castle of Košťál.

The entire centre is newly reconstructed. The centre has a water slide and a 3-m diving board. It features a lawn volleyball court, fireplace, swings and a refreshment kiosk. The centre houses a campsite with four six-bed cabins. There are also power supply sockets for caravans as well as an area for tents.

Size: 70 x 30 m.

Depth: up to 3 m.

Location: 1 km to the west of Košťálov.

Opening hours

May - September all the days of the week 10:00 - 22:00

Entrance fee

Full entrance fee:30,00 CZK

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Koupaliště Košťálov

Koupaliště Košťálov

Košťálov koupaliště

Košťálov koupaliště

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