Rock dwelling in Lhotka near Mělník

Skalní obydlí ve Lhotce, author: Archiv: muzeum Mělník

Macha Area

Lhotka 1
Melnik, 277 31

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The rock dwelling in Lhotka near Mělníka is an example of the rock dwellings preserved in the area of the Kokořínsko. The sandstone block hides not only dwelling spaces that have been carved in rock but also other rooms, such as sheds, pig-sties, cellars, etc.

The ancient rock dwelling in Lhotka is considered one of the oldest and most interesting. Rather than a simple dwelling, it is a farmstead, squeezed in the sandstone block at the edge of the village. The main room is recognisable by means of the white wall with two windows; one entrance door opens in the hall and the other one in the pigsty, from where you can descend in the cellar or ascend in the elevated granary with two little windows. The dwelling is completed with added constructions, former cutting shop and another small farm shop. The rock dwelling is evidence of unusual construction methods and the way how poor people faced the problem of finding a place to live.

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Skalní obydlí ve Lhotce, author: Archiv: muzeum Mělník

Skalní obydlí ve Lhotce

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