Novozámecký Pond

Novozámecký rybník z dronu, author: Charousek Pavel

Macha Area

Sosnova, 470 01

Novozámecký Pond is one of our most important national nature preserves. It is situated 2.5 km to the south from Sosnová.

As the locality offers favourable conditions for bird nesting, in 1933 it was declared a nature preserve; in 1956 it was recorded in an international nature preserve atlas. There are more than 190 species of waterfowl, and the place is known for one of the biggest colonies of sea mew.

Not far from the pond, there is a museum exposition about the Novozámecký Pond.

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Novozámecký rybník, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Novozámecký rybník

Novozámecký rybník z dronu, author: Charousek Pavel

Novozámecký rybník z dronu

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