Neo-Renaissance style Town Hall, Frýdlant

Frýdlant náměstí, author: AZ fotky

Frydlant Region

nam. T. G. Masaryka 37
Frydlant, 464 01

Phone: +420 488 886 111

Frýdlant is overlooked by its Neo-Renaissance style Town Hall, built in 1893 - 1896 according to a design by the Viennese architect Franz Neumann, who is also the author of the Town Hall in Liberec.

The exterior is decorated with statues of Justice and Self-Sacrifice; inside, one's eyes are captivated especially by stained glass windows, gifts from local businessmen. The bust of Albrecht von Wallenstein situated in the lobby of the town hall is a work by Scholz, a sculptor of Raspenava.

The second floor of the building houses the Town Museum. It boasts a large model of the original town hall, which used to occupy the centre of the square. The model was made by Kindermann, a wood carver.

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Frýdlant socha Valdštejna, author: AZ fotky

Frýdlant socha Valdštejna

Radnice Frýdlant, author: Město Frýdlant

Radnice Frýdlant

Radnice Frýdlant - vestibul radnice, author: Město Frýdlant

Radnice Frýdlant - vestibul radnice

Radnice Frýdlant - obřadní síň, author: Město Frýdlant

Radnice Frýdlant - obřadní síň

Radnice Frýdlant, author: Město Frýdlant

Radnice Frýdlant

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