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Catalogue - Holidays with children

Are you looking for a holiday destination where your children will not get bored? A region which provides entertainment alongside learning? Are you looking for a place which offers interesting activities and undemanding terrain for the whole family? Then the Liberec Region provides it all.

If you enjoy a trip to the zoo, visit the one in Liberec, which in 2009 celebrated its 90th anniversary and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Moreover, it holds rare species – not only white tigers but also Chinese takins, which are elsewhere bred only in Asia. A visit to Liberec zoo can be undertaken with a visit to the neighbouring Botanical gardens which boasts a world-acknowledged collection of carnivorous plants - a fascinating phenomenon for children.

Theatregoers should not miss one of the performances at the Naive Theatre in Liberec, whose puppet theatre group writes and performs plays for a predominantly child audience.

The year round exhibition IQ Park awaits curious and creative children in Liberec, where they can see for themselves the principles of natural laws and optical illusions, and they can test their knowledge of technical science. Facts which children do not like to learn at school become a fascinating game here. For technology enthusiasts there is the car museum, the museum of rack railways or the museum of mining in our region. When visiting the Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains, you have the opportunity to explore the local plants manufacturing toys and glass Christmas decorations, or various glass workshops. Most of these facilities enable their visitors to try their hand at making products on their own.

Younger visitors are certain to get a thrill from the animal exhibits in the museum in Česká Lípa, or they may find interesting the exhibition of wonderful semi-precious and precious stones in the museum in Turnov. Through special workshops the bigger museums and galleries introduce children to traditional crafts, especially at Christmas and Easter time.

The Liberec Region as well as the surrounding area is crowded with fairy tale creatures. The Čtyřlístek (comic book) Museum was opened in the town of Doksy in 2011. You can also visit the Robber Rumcajs’ Cobbler Shop in the town of Jičín.

In Bohemian Paradise there is an educational trail prepared for children, called “Discover the legends of Bohemian Paradise”, in which 12 fairytale characters take children to the most interesting places of the region. The district Jablonec nad Nisou invites to adventurous journeys in the company of dwarves Korálek and Jablůňka. In the vicinity of Jablonec nad Nisou, in the Dr. Kittel Region, learn the secret of glass beads manufacturing or the magical power of the Jizera Mountains herbs. The children´s country playground in Radvánovice, near Turnov, or Pěnčín farm are also worth visiting.

Most chateaus and castles organise various activities for children in the summer season. Children can look forward to fairy tale tours, falconry and amusing historical programmes.

The most legendary character of our region is probably the ruler of the Giant Mountains – Krakonoš the Giant. He has inspired fairy tales and theatre plays a good many times. Every winter the town square in Jilemnice is decorated with a huge snow statue of Krakonoš. You can meet the living Krakonoš, however, every spring in Harrachov.

The nature of the Liberec Region is perfect for a family holiday. The surroundings of Mácha´s Lake are popular for summer lakeside holidays which can be varied with a boat cruise, visit to nearby castles (Bezděz) and ruins (Jestřebí) or an undemanding cycling trip. In Bohemian Paradise you can have a pleasant rest at the local ponds, combined with trips to rock cities or a visit to the dolomite caves in Bozkov. For the more daring, rafting down the Jizera river is on offer along with rock climbing courses. In the Jizera Mountains you can take to the cycle paths and discover the beauties of the local view-towers. Adventurous visitors can seek out the famous Jizera mountain memorials. The Giant Mountains offer more demanding terrain for able children. Children can let off steam at the many rope climbing centres, bobsleigh runs or water-parks. In winter both the Jizera and the Giant Mountains are ideal places for learning to ski. In addition to the gentle slopes, children´s lifts and ski schools, you will also find fun adrenaline-filled activities such as snow tubing or toboggan runs.

In 2010, a new sport resort was established in the village of Jeřmanice, near Liberec. Apart from a bobsleigh run you can use a four-person chairlift, a ski-run for beginners, a snowpark, and a ski-cross slope.

Families with children have the possibility of buying the BENEFIT and OPUSCARD discount cards, which offer a great deal of discounts during your trip.

More information about offers available for families with children can be found at in the section “Holidays with children.”

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