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The Liberec Region lies on the border of three countries – The Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. At the same time it is not far from other places of interest within the Czech Republic and is a mere hour’s journey from Prague, the capital city. This location offers a range of possibilities for day trips, which can be undertaken during your holiday in the Liberec Region.

Prague – The capital city of the Czech Republic
In 1992 the historic centre of Prague was entered into theUNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites. Whilst visiting Prague you can marvel at Charles Bridge, the Hradčany castle district and Prague castle, the Astronomical clock, which is considered one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world, the Jewish quarter, Wenceslas Square, the National Museum and a range of other sights. Furthermore, Prague rates among the world’s cultural metropolises and therefore a number of theatres, cultural events, exhibitions and musical performances await you. Thanks to the international airport, the capital city of the Czech Republic is easily reached from a great number of continental and overseas destinations.
Liberec- Prague 100 km

Czech Switzerland
If you are seeking a landscape of untouched scenery, rock cities, gorges, view-towers and cliffs, head to Czech-Saxon Switzerland, which stretches across the Czech-German border area. Whilst wandering the local landscape you can take pleasure in visiting the beautiful Pravčická brána (Pravčická gate), the biggest natural rock bridge in Europe, and a series of amazing rock viewpoints in the surroundings, which tower above the treetops. You can also have a unique boat cruise along the gorge river at Kamenice. This region is justly proud of its title European destination of the highest quality 2009, which was awarded by the European Commission.
Liberec – Czech Switzerland 60km

Dresden – Germany
If you want to discover the unique beauty of Germany, head to Dresden. It is not for nothing that this town is coined the Venice of the north. The Zwinger, Frauenkirche, Royal palace, treasury and the Semper opera house are just a few of the interesting places that await you. Dresden is connected to Liberec by a direct train line, on which you can buy a number of special fares.
Liberec – Dresden 130km

Zgorzelec – Poland
The city of Zgorzelec lies on the Lusatian Neisse. The river, which forms the state border, divides the city into a German and Polish part. The biggest part of the city with its historic centre lies on the German side, while the smaller side on the right bank of the Neisse forms the independent Polish city of Zgorzelec. Görlitz and Zgorzelec are perceived as one European city. Görlitz belongs to one of the best preserved historic cities in central Europe and is competing for the title of European City 2010. Not far from Görlitz lies the town of Bad Muskau, which entered the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage sites thanks to its park.
Liberec – Görlitz 50km

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