Liberec Region

Liberecký kraj
Welcome to the Liberec Region

We invite you to a small but beautiful region in the north of the Czech Republic, which neighbours the Lower Silesian Voivodeship and the German Free State of Saxony. Despite being very small, the area is very interesting from the point of view of tourism. This place is exceptionally morphologically varied with mountain ranges prevailing in the north and more gentle hills as one heads inland. The Liberec Region consists of four tourist regions: The Česká Lípa Region, Bohemian Paradise, the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains.

The city of Liberec, with more than one hundred thousand inhabitants, is the centre of the Liberec Region. It is well known not only for its beautiful historic architecture in the city centre and its mountain topped hotel Ještěd, the dominating feature of the whole region awarded the Auguste Perret Prize by the International Union of Architects, but also for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship, which took place in Liberec in 2009.

The mountainous character of the region is formed by the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains, the Ještěd-Kozákov ridge along with the Giant Mountains - the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic with the highest peak in the Liberec Region. In the mountains you will find the region’s main winter resorts. The most well known ski resorts are in Bedřichov, Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou and also at Ještěd and Tanvaldský Špičák.

As you move further away from the country’s borders into the central regions of the Czech Republic, the mountainous nature of the landscape begins to unfold into the flatter regions of Bohemian Paradise and Česká Lípa. The picturesque regions of Bohemian Paradise and Česká Lípa are typical for their rock formations, castles, chateaus and religious monuments. Above all, these regions offer a place to relax and do sport by ponds and lakesides. The most well known holiday areas are the lake at Máchovo jezero and the Holany ponds. Many of the regional rivers are also appealing to boaters.

In addition to sporting activities the Liberec Region also offers a wide range of cultural activities, from a lively contemporary culture (theatre, concerts, festivals) to a folk festivity. The rich history of the region is told by a number of museums.

Come and visit the place where Saint Zdislava lived and treated the sick in the Liberec Region, where the distinguished general Albrecht of Wallenstein was active or where the nobleman Harrach brought the first pair of skis to Jilemnice manor. The landscape of the Liberec Region also charmed and inspired many poets and prose writers (Karel Hynek Mácha, František Ladislav Rieger, Antal Stašek and Karolína Světlá). Famous architects also left their footprints here, from Ohman and von Neumann to contemporary architects such as Karel Hubáček. The automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche and many famous glassmakers (Bedřich Egermann, Stanislav Libenský) came from the Liberec Region as well

You can reach the Liberec Region by a good road network which not only links Prague, the capital city, but also Zittau across the border into Germany from the entry at Hrádek nad Nisou and from Szklarska Poreba in Poland across the border from Harrachov. The Liberec Region is also connected by an extensive rail network. The rack railway from Tanvald to Harrachov is a railway wonder.

Important distances
- Prague 108 km
- Ústí nad Labem 96 km
- Hradec Králové 98 km
- Dresden 136 km
- Berlin 271 km
- Wroclaw 212 km
- Warsaw 563 km

Top 5 most visited attractions
- Babylon Centre
- Liberec Zoo
- Sychrov chateau (state-owned)
- Trosky castle (state-owned)
- Botanical gardens, Liberec

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