Tourist information

Turistické informace

1. Rules of behavior in national parks and reservations

In the reserve it is prohibited:

1. to disturb the peace,

2. to damage rocks, to throw and roll stones,

3. to damage the banisters, the steps, the benches, the information boards, the signs and other equipment of the reserve,

4. to damage the water and the soil environment,

5. to dig up young trees or other plants. Further it is prohibited to catch the reserves free living animals,

6. to smoke, to start fires or to camp,

7. to make or spread litter,

8. to ride on horseback or on a bicycle off the designated paths,

9. to organize group sport activities without permission from the local government or other owners,

10. to drive motor vehicles outside of the parking area. Further it is prohibited to carry out any sort of repairs on motor vehicles, to wash them or to change oil,

11. to walk off marked paths

12. to let dogs roam lose.

2. Climbing rules in the Czech Republic

Climbing rules in the Czech republic are restricted by the laws of the Ministry of Environment and Conversation organisations that control particular areas. Climbers must learn about fixed conversation conditions of the particular area and keep them strictly. It is prohibited to climb out of permitted climbing paths.


Czech mountain-climbing federation

Zátopkova 100/2, Praha 6 -Břevnov

Tel.: +420 296 118 207


3. Rules of fishing in the Czech Republic

Many tourists come for fishing to the Czech Republic. There are several angling organizations taking care of keeping the rules of fishing: Czech and Moravian Angling Union, State forests, Army forests, the Ministry of Environment and some independent registered angling organizations.

Angling permits are issued by the organizations entrusted with the administration of a certain water area, after the presentation of the state angling licence. The licence can be valid for a specific angling area, region or for several localities together. The permit can be obtained for one, two, seven or fourteen days, one month, six months and one year.

4. Hiking trail markings

The Czech Republic is literally criss-crossed by a dense network of hiking trails. These trails are marked by zone markers, which consist of three horizontal bands. The middle band is red, blue, green, or yellow and designates the colour of the marked trail. Both regional bands are white and have the task of making the mark more visible. At crossroads or forks, the band mark is supplemented by an arrow.

Forks to significant monuments are marked by special markers. At crossroads, in cities and at other significant tourist sites, the marking is also supplemented by panels and signposts. The panels inform visitors or the name of the sites and the distance in kilometres to other goals on the route.

5. Cycling trail routes

There is a relatively dense network of routes in the Czech Republic for cyclists. We divide these routes into cycling trails and cycle touring routes. Cycling trails lead along roadways and good local roads. Used for their marking are yellow cycle marks and direction panels. We find on all of these the symbol of a bicycle, the number of the given trail and on the directional panels also the distance in kilometres to other goals in the route. These are placed, like roads signs, before each crossroad or fork in the cycling trail.

Cycle touring routes lead for the most part along field or forest roads or through the terrain. They are marked by band marks, which have the regional bands of yellow and the middle is red, blue, green or white. They could also be supplemented by arrows. This involves similar markings as for hiking trails, but the basic colour is yellow. The band marking is supplemented by signposts.

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