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Myší skála (Mouse rock)

Myší skála, author: Jiří Morávek

Bohemian Paradise

Semily, 513 01

This is a rock view point on Myší skála in the Semily area.

When selecting marked hiking trails in the Podspálov area, you can continue to Semily along the famous Riegrova trail, or you can choose a different route and a physically more strenuous alternative through the Podspálov countryside along the blue marked hiking trail. Along your route, you will have to overcome both steep and short climbs and before you reach the Morava trailhead (from where you can continue along the blue marked trail past the redeveloped Masarykov vyhlídka View Point and Sejkorská Chapel to Semily or or choose the yellow Kamenický trail that will take you around Medenec Hill to Bítouchov and from there along the red marked trail to Semily), you will have the opportunity to visit the famous rock view point on Myší skála Rock. However, climbing to the view point is relatively demanding and requires the use of chains and therefore, you should carefully consider your physical ability. The elevation of this relatively steep climb to the view point is about 25 metres. You will be rewarded with a really fabulous view of the natural scenery that surrounds the rock. 


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Myší skála, author: Jiří Morávek

Myší skála

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