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Lakes, reservoirs and water courses

Name City, village Region
Blatný Pond Bedrichov Jizera Mountains
Černá Nisa Dam Bedrichov Jizera Mountains
Dam Water Reservoir Harcov (under reconstruction) Liberec Jizera Mountains
Fojtka Dam Fojtka Jizera Mountains
Josefův Důl Reservoir Josefuv Dul Jizera Mountains
Mlýnická Dam Mnisek Jizera Mountains
Nová Ves Stream – Kögler’s Hill Nova Ves nad Nisou Jizera Mountains
Reservoir Mšeno - Jablonecká Dam Jablonec nad Nisou Jizera Mountains
Safírový Brook osada Jizerka Jizera Mountains
SOURCE OF THE LUSATIAN NISA Nova Ves nad Nisou Jizera Mountains
Souš Dam Desna Jizera Mountains
The Breuer Spring and Fischer Stone Smrzovka Jizera Mountains
Vesecký rybník – Teichmühle – Tajch Liberec Jizera Mountains
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