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Name City, village Region
Macha Area
Bezděz Castle Doksy Macha Area
Houska Castle Blatce Macha Area
Kokořín Castle Kokorin Macha Area
Ruin of Harasov Castle Vysoka Macha Area
Ruin of Jestřebí Castle Jestrebi Macha Area
Ruin of Ralsko Castle Ralsko Macha Area
Ruin of Ronov Castle Blizevedly Macha Area
Ruin of Starý Berštejn Castle Vrchovany u Dube Macha Area
Ruined castle Chudý Hrádek Holany Macha Area
Ruined castle Zakšín Tuhan Macha Area
The remnants of Vítkovec castle Holany Macha Area
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