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Name City, village Region
Valdštejn Castle Turnov Bohemian Paradise
The remnants of Vítkovec castle Holany Macha Area
Ruins of Rotštejn Castle Mirova pod Kozakovem Bohemian Paradise
Ruins of Michalovice Castle Mlada Boleslav Bohemian Paradise
Ruins of Kozlov Castle Olesnice Bohemian Paradise
Ruins of Castle Tolštejn Jiretin pod Jedlovou Lusetian Mountains
Ruins of Castle Kamenice Ceska Kamenice Lusetian Mountains
Ruined castles Štěpanice Benecko Giant Mountains
Ruined castle Zakšín Tuhan Macha Area
Ruined castle Stohánek Hamr na Jezere Lusetian Mountains
Ruined castle Chudý Hrádek Holany Macha Area
Ruined castle Frýdštejn Frydstejn Bohemian Paradise
Ruined castle and Hermitage Sloup Sloup v Cechach Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Zvířetice Castle Bakov nad Jizerou Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Zbirohy Castle Koberovy Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Vranov Castle - Pantheon Mala Skala Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Veliš Castle Velis Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Velenice Castle Velenice Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Valečov Castle Bosen Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Trosky Castle Troskovice Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Svojkov Castle Svojkov Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Starý Falkenburk Castle Jablonne v Podjestedi Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Starý Berštejn Castle Vrchovany u Dube Macha Area
Ruin of Ronov Castle Blizevedly Macha Area
Ruin of Roimund Castle Chrastava Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Ralsko Castle Ralsko Macha Area
Ruin of Pařez Castle Libun Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Nístějka Castle Vysoke nad Jizerou Giant Mountains
Ruin of Návarov Castle Jilove u Drzkova Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Milštejn Castle Svor Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Levín Castle Levinska Olesnice Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Kumburk Castle Syrenov Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Jestřebí Castle Jestrebi Macha Area
Ruin of Harasov Castle Vysoka Macha Area
Ruin of Drábské Světničky (rock fort) Dneboh Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Děvín Castle Hamr na Jezere Lusetian Mountains
Ruin of Bradlec Castle Bradlecka Lhota Bohemian Paradise
Ruin of Brada Castle Brada-Rybnicek Bohemian Paradise
Rock Castle in Oldřichov Oldrichov v Hajich Jizera Mountains
Remnants of Kozlov Castle Lomnice nad Popelkou Bohemian Paradise
Remnants of Koštál Castle Kostalov Bohemian Paradise
Remnants of Hynšta Fort Prihrazy Bohemian Paradise
Pecka Castle Pecka Bohemian Paradise
Mladá Boleslav Castle Mlada Boleslav Bohemian Paradise
Lipý Water Castle Ceska Lipa Lusetian Mountains
Kost Castle Sobotka Bohemian Paradise
Kokořín Castle Kokorin Macha Area
Chateau Vartenberk (not open to the public) Straz pod Ralskem Lusetian Mountains
Hradiště Klamorna Dneboh Bohemian Paradise
Houska Castle Blatce Macha Area
Grabštejn Castle and Chateau Hradek nad Nisou Lusetian Mountains
Frýdlant Castle and Chateau Frydlant Frydlant Region
Castle ruins of Hamrštejn Chrastava Lusetian Mountains
Castle ruins Dražice Benatky nad Jizerou
Castle and chateau Staré Hrady near Jičín Stare Hrady Bohemian Paradise
Bezděz Castle Doksy Macha Area
Prihrazy Bohemian Paradise
Mohelnice nad Jizerou Bohemian Paradise
Macha Area
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